Thank you from your winner- Graham!

Students! Did you do your profile survey? Check your email for a chance to win a €25 voucher and tell us what you think now!

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here! I viewed this as a great opportunity to engage with school students and to give them an insight into what an engineer actually does. So, thank you to all the students who asked questions, I hope my answers help you to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, but mainly…. do what makes you happy!

Thank you all for voting for me and thanks to the all the other engineers, Patrick, Dino, Cara and Aisling who also gave their time to answer your questions. I have already started researching which schools/libraries to donate 3D Printers to.

Thanks also to the I’m an Engineer Crew who kept things running smoothly for the event and the mods who were super helpful during the chats.

You have all inspired me to spread the word about Engineering, so you may see me at some STEM event or other event in the near future. Best of luck to everyone in your future careers and thanks again for a great experience!


Engineers! If you’d like the chance to win funding for your own STEM outreach, apply for the next I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here Ireland:

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