• Question: do you think there is a chance people could live under the sea and make cities under the sea

    Asked by 363heam32 to Aisling, Cara, Dino, Graham, Patrick on 9 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Graham Cullen

      Graham Cullen answered on 9 Mar 2018:

      The is already underwater hotels, though they are not very deep, and people do live on nuclear submarines underwater for long periods of time. As regards underwaters cities, it is possible but not very likely with todays technology. It would just be a lot more expensive than building taller buildings…

    • Photo: Cara O'Brien

      Cara O'Brien answered on 9 Mar 2018:

      Yes there’s already a few underwater hotels, https://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2016-07-09/11-coolest-underwater-hotels-in-the-world, that you can go and stay in. I’m sure they could make an underwater city but the cost of making it would be crazy and the amount of maintenance you would need to make sure it’s safe to live in would probably add even more to the cost. Also I don’t think it would be very fair to the sealife that already lives there, boats already disturb sealife just from driving over the surface of the water, imagine how much damage would be done from building an entire city underwater.